A zoma is the scantiest of Gehennese garments: a loincloth with about the same coverage as a thong bikini. Zomas are favoured by flyers because they are the only garment that is truly convenient and comfortable when flying, by some dancers in very athletic dancing, by some men who require support for their genitals in athletic pursuits in which the dangling ends of a sirat would be a inconvenient, and, very occasionally, as sort of undergarment to a khlamys: adding a contrasting colour and providing a place to carry a knife.

The zoma is fundamentally similar to a sirat, except that the girdle section is wound only once around the waist or hips. The end that would dangle at the back is twisted around the girdle on the right hip, and the end that would dangle in front is passed back between the legs and twisted around the girdle on the left hip.

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