A short, straight, two-edged sword, about 50-60 cm long, with a one-handed grip. The xifos is used mostly to thrust, and is considered a weapon capable of more finesse than a kopis. It is worn as a sidearm by wealthy hoplites including the Iron Stone Men of Bethan, and as a ceremonial weapon by eupatridai (and dynastai in the Classical Period).

The usual design is the "Skyran blade" with straight edges and a long point, illustrated to the right. It is associated with the ironworks of Skyra, and is the pattern used by the Melankreuthēs.


The "Bethanian blade" (illustrated to the left) is typically shorter, has a robust tip designed to pierce armour without breaking, ʃ-shaped edges, and a slight waist, flaring to the guard. It is the type associated with the Iron Stone Men.

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