The universal practice of cremation in Gehennum does not leave much room for undead. The greatest danger in this regard comes from the bodies of people lost at sea, which are sometimes prone to crawl ashore and start strangling or drowning people. Some pursue people who wronged them, but most are just malignant. Those who drown people sometimes reproduce by hiding the bodies, but such plagues of the undead are very uncommon. Most of these revenants are unable to prevent themselves from decaying, and eventually disarticulate if not dealt with in some other way.

A more stylish variant on this theme is prone to appear as a very attractive person, completely uncorrupted and un-nibbled by fish. These revenants arouse the (usually sexual) interest of their chosen victims, lure them apart, and then attempt to kill them by vomiting seawater down their windpipes. Given Gehennese conditions, these are of most danger to men. Merfolk usually survive such attacks, but find them pretty unsettling.

Apart from these, the only undead one is likely to encounter are the deliberate products of necromancy, or the result of some daimon or fiend, excited by human sacrifice, animating the sacrifice victim. Or, very rarely, a fresh-ish corpse animated by a ghost. These zombies are pretty unpleasant, but tend not to last long in Gehennum’s warm weather.

Other parts of the World of Isles are not so fortunate. In Ramastaarn, for example, the corpses of queens, great heroes, and so forth are mummified above smoky fires, and kept in certain temples as objects of veneration (see hero). These mummies sometimes prefer not to stay dead, and as they are as tough as old leather and usually fairly magically capable they can be quite hard to deal with. Of these, the ex-Jolianides are perhaps the most annoying, though people whose Amaranthi lovers return in this fashion might disagree.

Helios, the daimon of the [[Sun]] objects to the undead for unknown reasons, and is prone to destroy them on sight.

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