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In the Classical Period and the Decadent Period, a local population with traditional identity (perhaps a continuation of some city of the Archaic Period), and the area they inhabit. A tribe might have a distinctive dialect, a regional dish, or some such cultural identifier, but the thing which really unifies it is religion. The people of a tribe will have a sanctuary or festival in common, will, at least periodically, all revere some daimon of purely local importance, and will meet together at demotic games. Although the members of tribes have their own, sometimes ferocious factional differences, they often conceal them from outsiders (though of course outsiders are sometimes taken as allies), and they tend to consider themselves fellow-countrymen when they meet abroad. Some dynastai command loyalty in the tribes which were once the sovereign domains of their ancestors.

Some episkopoi appoint one or more krites to supervise each tribe in their episkopy.

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