Gehennum being an archipelago, much travel must be across bodies of water. Merfolk can swim these, and flyers can fly over, but most people must travel by boat. Sailing boats confined to coasting, where they can rely on daytime sea breezes and nighttime land breezes. To cross open stretches of water between the islands requires muscle-power: paddled canoes or rowed barges and galleys.

Land transport is somewhat less than well-developed in Gehennum. There are few roads, and most of those simply connect the villages of the interior with the nearest ports. Roads are rarely made suitable for wheeled vehicles: they take steep routes over the rugged mountains. In any case the only draught animals available are elephants and [[ox]]en—neither suitable for pulling swift carriages. To travel overland, walk, or (if you are rich) get yourself carried in a palanquin, kaga, or sedan chair, or (if you are very rich) ride an elephant.

Goods are carried in ships where-ever possible. Otherwise they must be carried by porters or by elephants.

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