An oneiros, who achieved apotheosis through self-assurance.

The original Timeon (who may still be alive) was a smith and a great wrestler. He detested braggarts, and his first famous deed was a wrestling match with the unpopular tyrant Argos, whom he criticised for boasting, who challenged him, and whose back he broke. He later wrestled tigers and monsters, and went on a long quest involving many great feats of strength and a trip into the World of Dreams. Finally he became a leader among the leshy, and led the colonisation of the Shee. Legends of Timeon’s avatars abound: they tell of the down-throw of the boastful, and celebrate the triumph of strength over subterfuge. Timeonides, strong silent types, are the natural enemy of boastful Hylasians, and many stories tell of encounters between the two with various outcomes.

In art and iconography Timeon is depicted as a hugely-muscled leshy man, with short black hair and tawny eyes, either draped in a tiger-skin or stripped to wrestle. He is usually shown riding a bull, carrying an axe or smith’s hammer and tongs, or wrestling a tiger, giant, or monster. He is symbolised by a hammer and anvil, by a bull, and by a teak tree.

Timeon is worshipped by aristocrats, wrestlers, some warriors, conquerors, some monarchs, smiths, stone-knappers, lumberjacks, mahouts, and by some hoplites. In some places he enjoys a public cult. His avatars are aristocrats, wrestlers, warriors, smiths: people who rely on strength or might, or whose status comes from wealth or quiet achievement rather than demagoguery.

Timeon’s major realms are strength, wrestling, and rulership. His minor realms are war, craft, and wealth.

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