Skyran Helm

The Skyran helm developed from the so-called Bethanian helm when the cheek pieces were enlarged and attached to the crown of the helmet with hinges. This attachment was originally devised to work around early difficulties in forging a steel helmet in one piece, but it turned out to allow a closer fit than was possible with the Samariosian helm, and resulted in a practical helm affording a good compromise of protection with visibility. Some (especially older) variants have a nasal, but later specimens have instead a projecting bill over the eyes.

Popular in the Archaic Period, Skyran helms were gradually replaced by the Samariosian type, it being felt that protection was more important than vision in the tightly-packed hoplite phalanx. Skyran helmets made a comeback in the Civil War when they were issued to the Melankreuthēs, then in the Classical Period when they were issued to the Arētē. They are preferred by makhētēs, and therefore are common among agema in the Decadent Period.


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