An oneiros, who achieved apotheosis through spitefulness.

The original Sialosti was a woman of fashion at a great court. Various lovers were attracted by her ineffable beauty, then repelled by her unspeakable character. She avenged herself for these jilts using her position at court, her influence with her subsequent lovers, her supernatural powers, and, once, by throwing oil of vitriol on her ex-lover and his new love. She was able to use her powers to preserve her youth, but eventually succumbed to a knife wielded by a girl whose sweetheart she had seduced, bankrupted, humiliated, and driven to suicide. Avatars of Sialosti figure in various other legends with roughly similar content.

In art Sialosti is depicted as a gorgeous dark-haired woman more-or-less dressed in a [[colours | puce]]] garment that she threw on and nearly missed, and which displays the artist’s ideal of the female form. She is usually accompanied by a black cat. She is often shown seducing, toying with, or avenging herself upon a comely young man. Sialosti is symbolised by a black cat, a goblet, and by the belladonna flower.

Sialosti is not worshipped, except in secret, by spiteful people, by those soured on love, and by some who fear losing their charms. Her avatars are more numerous than her worshippers, but are drawn from the same ranks. Not in every case is their spite provoked by sexual affairs.

Sialosti’s major realms are spite and lust. Her minor realms are trickery, discord, and politics.

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