Ship money

In the Archaic Period wealthy landowners are supposed to provide and maintain warships for the use of the navy. Ship money is given directly to the state to pay for these things. The amount of ship money a man must pay depends on his wealth in land. Men of modest wealth must pay for only a fraction of a ship. Men of great wealth might have to pay for two or even three whole ships. Unlike [[shield money]]], ship-money, on the other hand, is due every year, war or peace.

In the Classical Period the rents which the imperial government collects from public and royal lands ceded to the imperial estate are supposed to have replaced ship money. The emperor Regikhord IV has made moves to collect ship money from freehold land land, but has been deterred by fierce opposition.

In the Decadent Period ship-money, collected in the same amounts for the same land as in the Classical Period, forms the main revenue of the central government in Thekla. Much of the imperial estate formerly covered by jungle has been appropriated and cleared by certain frateries, enterprising citizens and even metics. No ship money is payable for these lands.

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