A mysterious otherworld of bliss, terror, and perpetual Indarian-light. The Sun and [[Moon]]] are not visible in the Shee, and, perhaps because of this, time there passes oddly. What seems like a day in the Shee can prove on return to have been years or mere minutes. The Shee is occupied by leshy and terrible monsters, such as dragons and treacherous and malign shape-shifters.

Travel to the Shee is not easily accomplished, requiring magic, miracles, or the use of a mystic discipline, stepping sideways. It generally requires a symbolic journey, and often a striking landmark is part of the procedure.

The topography of the Shee seems to be the same as that of the World of Isles, but the Shee only has parts corresponding to the parts of the World of Isles over which Indarian shines. Many explorers, including Chansith, have attempted to cross over the terminator into the dark side of the Sidhe: none has ever returned.

The safest and most civilised parts of the Sidhe are those near to the Sidhe version of Elusion. The Shee analogue of Gehennum is close to the terminator, wild, and fraught with terrifying monsters. It is occupied by only a few leshy, and they are perhaps as frightening as the shape-shifters against whom they struggle.

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