Samariosian league

A league dominated by Samariopolis, dominant political and military power in central Gehennum in the Archaic Period. The league’s temporal success is based on a consistent policy of providing subsidies, safe refuge, access to mercenaries, and sometimes even direct military assistance, to the democratic party in aristocratic and monarchial states. After reform or revolution, such states are offered membership, which they usually accept.

The obligations of members of the league are not onerous, and the direction of the league by an Amphiktionic Council with representatives from all members is supposed to protect the league from any hegemonial ambitions on the part of the leading members, ie. Samariopolis.

The subtle dominance of the league by Samariopolis is based on a number of factors: the capital of the league is at Samariopolis; the Sacred Band of Samariopolis enjoys unique military prestige; the amphiktionic games are held at the sanctuary of Mount Samars, in Samariopolitan territory; hostages taken from overthrown ruling families are held in Samariopolis; and the oracle of Mount Samars is regularly consulted by the amphiktionic council.

Despite having many members on other islands than Samarios, and despite the possession of a decent harbour at Samariopolis, the Samariosian league never becomes a naval power, being inclined to the supremacy of the hoplite. This is perhaps because of the prejudices of the daimon of Mount Samars.

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