Samariosian helm

The Samariosian helm developed from the so-called Bethanian helm by the gradual enlargement of the nasal, cheek-pieces, and neck-guard, eventually resulting in a fully-enclosed type that gives excellent protection but allows mere slits for vision and breathing. These are favoured by such hoplites as can afford them, because vision is not at a premium in the tightly-packed phalanx.

The elaborate shape of the Samariosian helm originally required casting, and therefore bronze. The type went into decline as improving ironworking allowed simpler types (such as the pilos and Theklan helmet) and helmets in joined parts (like the Skyran helm) to be made in cheaper steel. Further improvements in ironworking allowed Samariosian helms to be forged from a single sheet, and the type made a recovery.

Samariosian helms are favoured by hoplites, and are a status symbol.

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