An oneiros, who achieved apotheosis through impartial benevolence.

The original Regis was a king and arkhon, a wise ruler and law-giver, a kindly and sagacious judge. In legend, he and his [[avatar]]s make wise judgements, often presenting solutions based on lateral thinking that benefit both plaintiff and defendant. As rulers, they foster harmony and fraternal love between their subjects, but show no talent for foreign affairs or war.

In art and iconography Regis is depicted as a swarthy, dark-bearded man, middle-aged but still vigorous, in a yellow sarong. He is symbolised the the sun, a pelican, and a palm tree.

Regis is worshipped by magistrates and monarchs, and receives a public cult in most places. Litigants make offerings to him, as do petitioners for justice. His avatars are judges and arbitrators, or kind but firm parents.

Regis’ major realms are justice, wisdom, and Harmony. His minor realms are rulership, the sun, and self-discipline.

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