An oneiros, who achieved apotheosis through indomitability.

The original Persiflex was a warrior, the leader of a guerrilla-style resistance movement against an occupying conqueror, and later a king and arkhon. He destroyed several monsters which threatened his people, and also a powerful pirate fleet. His fame and the wealth of his court attracted the attention of the great dragon Khlorophane. Despite the confidence of his subjects, Persiflex was defeated by the dragon, and his capital was sacked with great loss of life. Persiflex survived, having fallen unconscious and wounded into the sea, and was nursed back to health by Coppelia. During his recuperation they begat a son, Persilian.

After his defeat by Khlorophane Persiflex invented a system of dealing with adversity, called by him pankration, which when applied to personal combat produces a martial art resembling aikido, and when applied to warfare yields a type of guerilla tactics. The principles of pankration were set out by Persiflex in his book A Crown of Feathers, most of which is now lost.

Legends of avatars of Persiflex are extremely common and diverse. They tell of men (usually) prevailing over everything from usurping uncles to hostile drill-sergeants (taking in dragons, gorgons, and avatars of Morbius along the way) by virtue of persistence and fortitude.

In art and iconography Persiflex is depicted as a tall, fit man, usually in early maturity, with brown skin, green eyes, dark shoulder-length black hair, and a long dark moustache, armed with a spear and longbow, wearing a green khlamys, and often with a parrot on his wrist or shoulder. A favourite representation is of Persiflex being tended by Coppelia. Persiflex is symbolised by a green parrot, a bow and arrow, and the poinciana tree.

Persiflex is worshipped by warriors, ephebes/, archers, some kings and //arkhons, and by hunters, woodsmen, and some anarkhs. His avatars occur in the former groups, but also show up among peasants, yeomen, and country gentry, people who know, and will not surrender, their rights. Many abbeys are dedicated to Persiflex, and others, especially in the Decadent Period, have a strong Persiflegian streak.

Persiflex’s major realms are fortitude, pankration, archery, and leadership (against outside threats). His minor realms are wisdom, travel, and forests.

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