Necromancy is a branch of magic marked by sinister symbology and eventually perverting its practitioner to ruthless, self-serving evil. Necromancy deals with the life-force, the mana of living things, especially of people. The scope of necromancy includes draining the mana of others to power magical effects (a procedure reaching its ultimate efficiency in human sacrifice), mind control, and the transfer of wounds, diseases, and senile decay from the necromancer or from a second to a third party.

Mages often take up the study of necromancy either out of curiosity or that they might learn of their enemies. Necromancy presents a series of increasing temptations and ultimately promises eternal youth—at the cost of aging others in ever-increasing numbers.

The depredations of necromancers make ordinary people fear and mistrust all mages, left-handers, and people with white streaks in their hair, and lead the ignorant to fear all who manifest supernatural powers.

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