Long bow

The original bow used by the Gehennese in ancient times was a small bow, easy to handle in the confines of underbrush, and adequate for hunting small game at the short ranges at which shots become available in the Gehennese forest, especially if poisoned arrows be used. The man-height long bow emerged as land was cleared, for use at longer ranges, and for killing larger targets, such as the tigers and leopards which threatened the herds of the new settled life, and for use in war.

Before laminate armour and the hoplon made the man of modest wealth secure from longbow-archery, the long bow was supreme in war. The Archaic Period is given its shape by these developments, which make the hoplite/ dominant on the battlefield, and swing the balance of power in favour of the prosperous burghers of the cities. In the period covered by this encyclopædia the long bow is used in hunting and sport (see archery), and is of little importance on the battlefield.

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