The leshy are a beautiful and talented race, taller than humans, but a little more slenderly proportioned. They are capable of surpassing humans at most endeavours, and are immune to the ravages of age, but they are not very fertile, and they tend to become languid as the centuries pass. Leshy are now exceedingly rare, though they have left many traces of their presence scattered around the world, or at least over that face lit by Indarian. Nowadays nearly all the leshy live either on the island of Elusion (which is on the equator, directly below Indarian), or in the Shee (a mysterious and perilous otherworld of bliss, terror, and perpetual Indarian-light).

According to reports, at least one leshy survives from the day on which the first population of the World of Isles awoke without memories from a dreamless sleep. As chronologists place this event between four and five thousand years ago, it is plain that this leshy, Alkinous the Last Unborn, has an abundance of experience, knowledge, ability, and luck.

The leshy are fair-skinned, but tan readily and deeply on exposure to the sun. Hair and eyes of all the usual colours may be found among them, except, of course, that their hair does not become grey as they grow older. Their skin is free from blemishes - even their worst scars fade in time - and is smooth, as their hair is as sparsely-distributed as that of a human child.

Half-leshy are not unknown, and presumably half-leshy half-merfolk are possible. But unions between leshy and the ephemeral races are rare (the leshy don’t think well of such affairs), and tend to be of low fertility. Half-leshy are very long-lived, but age at about a third or a quarter the rate other folk do, and die eventually.

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