The ownership of land is the basis of economic and political power in Gehennum. In the Classical Period and the Decadent Period, a vast quantity of land, perhaps imperial estate | quarter of the productive land in Gehennum, belongs to the emperor. Nearly all of the imperial estate is leased out, and the rents are fixed (see ship-money). The rents were set before the cultivation of rice tripled the value of land. The leases of pieces of the imperial estate are therefore very valuable, and the people who control the issue of leases have a great deal of patronage to dispense. Although they are sometimes directed how to lease land by their superiors, especially the emperor, the anakrites, and the khrysofylax, the control of the imperial estate is for the most part in the hands of the episkopoi.

The dynastai also own a great deal on land, the rents of which contribute greatly to their colossal incomes. The core of each noble estate is in the district of the tribe which was originally the domain of the noble’s family. The noble is a greatly revered person in this area, especially in the Decadent Period.

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