An oneiros, who achieved apotheosis through independent-ness.

The original Khryseis was a huntress, anarkh and anarchist, and a wanderer. She was a friend of the oppressed and enemy of the overlord. In legend she helps the free against the encroachments of authority, aiding the down-trodden, and discomfiting the powerful. Since Khryseis and Khryseians are almost always fighting for the weak against the strong, and usually alone or with few companions, their stories are of cunning and trickery prevailing against strength, and are very popular with young children.

In iconography, Khryseis is depicted as a slender, lissom merwoman, nude or in a sea-blue khlamys, often armed with a many-tined fish-spear, and sometimes riding a dolphin, or equipped with a dolphin’s tail instead of legs. In art more generally she is sometimes shown in disguise, or duping one of her many powerful opponents. The symbols of Khryseis are the iris (a flower), a fish-spear, and a dolphin.

Khryseis is worshipped by merfolk, anarkhs, democrats, hunters, fisher-folk, nautical types, loners, and wanderers. Her avatars tend to be wanderers and loners, or at least seafarers, hunters, or members (or leaders) of independent or isolated communities. Many merfolk fall into one or more of these categories, and among merfolk, her avatars are the most common.

Khryseis’ major realms are the Ocean, self-reliance, and trickery. Her minor realms are travel, hunting, prowess with spears, and rebellion.

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