An oneiros, who achieved apotheosis through gallantry.

The original Jolian was a spirited warrior and a chivalrous devotee of beauty in women and youths. Legends abound of Jolian or one of his avatars rescuing a maiden or youth from imminent sacrifice, from pirates, from monsters, or from an unwelcome marriage. These stories form the basis of many popular poems, plays, dances, and songs.

In art and iconography Jolian is depicted as a tall, handsome, muscular young man, with well-tanned skin, fine straight blond hair, and bright blue eyes. (see Gehennese local races.) he is usually shown as dressed in a scarlet zoma, and armed with a sword. He is often shown fighting or defeating a monster, or with one of his lovers. In the former case he often carries a shield. The symbols of Jolian are a puma, a sword, and an iris (also known as a “sword-flower”).

Jolian is worshipped by athletes, warriors, adventurers, some soldiers, and most maidens (if surreptitiously) and young men. His avatars are athletes and adventurers, gallants and soldiers. Many frateries are dedicated to Jolian, and others have a marked Jolianid streak.

Jolian’s major realms are gallantry, sport & games, and swordsmanship. His minor realms are travel and self-indulgence.

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