A playwright and satirist of the Classical Period.

Jokaster wrote a large number of musical comedies, with clever wordplay and catchy, apt music, all originally produced at the comedy competition of the annual amphiktionic games of Thekla. The targets of Jocaster’s satire ranged from the conventions of drama and tragedy, through the pretensions of society, to foolish laws and bureaucratic pettifoggery, and even the emperor Regikhord himself. Powerful political friends (of the Salt persuasion) protected Jokaster from the emperor’s retribution, but not from unauthorised production of his satires, and not from the cowardice of the judges at the competition. When his plays became too daring, the judges dared not award them prizes. Jokaster never made enough from his plays to give up work as a voice-coach and rhetorician. In later years, Jokaster turned from the stage to the composition of satiric verse for publication in writing.

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