Jasper of Suvein

Also known as ‘Jasper Anaxos’, ‘Jasper the Tall’, and ‘Jasper Terrible'; a politician and general of the Classical Period, chief supporter of the emperor Regikhord IV.

A wealthy dynast with extensive lands and feudal privileges on the island of Suvein, Jasper served in the Nikē until he succeeded to his father's signet in 4790: as a soldier, Jasper was noted for his extraordinatry height and good looks. Jasper stood aloof from the Civil War until his wife and son were killed and his castle destroyed by troops loyal to Hyrkanthes. Then Jasper raised, equipped, and trained two tagmai from among his tenants and joined Regikhord's cause. Jasper's troops, the Melankreuthēs, were unconventionally equipped, had unconventional drill and doctrine, and proved utterly lethal in battle. Jasper also proved to have a genius for strategy and tactics, and soon became commander-in chief of the rebel armies.

After effecting the rebel victory, Jasper was made polemarkh and constable of the Thekla citadel, and became the chief bulwark of the regime. He carried out the purges which almost annihilated the imperial family, and became the most hated and feared man in Gehennum. Jasper maintains the regime of Regikhord IV by ruthless police-state tactics.

In the Decadent Period, Gehennum is ruled by the descendants of Jasper’s daughter Aylise, who have inherited the office of polemarkh and the support of the Melankreuthēs from him. The Melankreuthēs worship Jasper as a hero.

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