An oneiros, who gained apotheosis through pugnacity.

The original Hylas was an irrepressible warrior, brawler, and satirist. In legend he is a high-spirited, charismatic brawler and rowdy. He defies overweening authority, lampoons the mighty, and picks fights which he often loses but never regrets. Hylas is generally an appealing, even heroic, character, standing up for the freedoms of the oppressed, and fearlessly opposing overwhelming powers. On the other hand, he is sometimes needlessly offensive, will never concede the last word, and goes out of his way to make trouble. Many of Hylas’s avatars are revolutionary leaders or trickster-like folk heroes.

In art and iconography Hylas is depicted as a dark-complexioned, black-haired young man, in pugnacious attitude, and often with a crooked or bleeding nose. Unless stripped for combat, he is dressed in green, and accompanied by a dog, but sometimes he appears with the attributes of some local Hylasian folk-hero. The symbols of Hylas are a dog, a stinging-nettle, and a fist or cestus.

Hylas is worshipped by boxers, rebels, and members of street-gangs. He also receives a public cult in revolutionary states. His avatars tend to be drawn from the preceding groups, but can crop up where-ever people have ‘attitude’.

Hylas’s major realms are defiance, trickery, and kick-boxing. His minor realms are satirical verse, disorder, and self-indulgence.

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