“geisha house”

First appearing early in the Classical Period as a development of the tavern, an hetairon is an establishment to entertain or hold parties at. More than a restaurant, less than a brothel, an hetairon is a place to enjoy wine, food, and company—that of one’s friends and that of the hetairas. An evening at an hetairon might include a bath, massage, a banquet with tea and wine, chamber music, dancing with of by the hetairas, story-telling, singing, intellectual, artistic, or flirtatious conversation, [[bhang]], [[coca]], or [[opium]], and just possibly a night with one of the women. Prices vary from quite expensive to enormous.

Different hetairons have different styles. Some are little better than up-market brothels. Some will provide any service for a price. The best offer no stunts or blandishments, simply elegance and excellence. The most famous, elegant, and expensive hetairon of all is the White Rose Garden in Thekla, open from 4771. Aspasia worked at the White Rose Garden from 4786 to her retirement in 4790.

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