An oneiros, who achieved apotheosis through avarice.

The original Heptakhlor was a miser and a money-grubber who amassed an immense fortune in specie and real property, but who always lived in conditions of poverty and squalor. Heptakhlor and his avatars receive unsympathetic treatment in legends and stories, and usually appear as butts or villains.

Heptakhlor is depicted in art and illustration as a bent old man with thinning hair, dressed in rags, but carrying a bulging money-bag and leaning on a stout cudgel. The symbols of Heptakhlor are a pair of scales, a jackal, and oleander (a plant).

Heptakhlor has very few worshippers. There are no temples to him, and no organised worship of him. His avatars are misers, cheats, hoarders, and purveyors of inferior goods. Not all live in squalor, or dress in rags, but they do practice strict economy in other people’s comforts.

Heptakhlor’s major realms are cunning, wealth, and fraud. His minor realms are security, self-denial, and spite.

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