An oneiros, who gained apotheosis though joviality.

The original Goth was a prosperous innkeeper, a benefactor of the poor and provider of lavish hospitality. He also wandered far and wide, helping the poor and hospitable, and punishing inhospitability.

In art and iconography Goth is depicted as a rotund dwarf, short-limbed and barrel-chested. His hair and beard are black, his skin brown, his eyes bright, and he wears a golden-brown peplos and carries a cane or jug. He is often shown walking a road, accompanied by a duck, arriving at an inn, or providing a miraculous feast for the poor. The symbols of Goth are a duck, a jug, and bamboo.

Goth is worshipped by brewers, taverners, and innkeepers, and receives a public cult on behalf of the poor. His protection is invoked by travellers. Goth’s avatars found in all places, and include many householders, housekeepers, farmers, cooks, taverners, and even monarchs and lords.

Goth’s major realms are hospitality, accord, and comfort. His minor realms are wealth, travel, and food & drink.

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