Gehennese local races

The native inhabitants of Gehennum fall into three groups. There are Gehennese humans, Gehennese merfolk, and Gehennese flyers.

Human Gehennese are a short race, men averaging 170 cm tall, women about 155 cm. Of course, they don’t seem short to one another, but foreigners of many races, notably the Faironese and Ramastaarni, seem tall to them. The Gehennese are often quite well built, but of course there is a great deal of variation in build among them, and the athletic builds probably result as much from the Gehennese predilection for exercise as from any genetic tendency. Certainly the Gehennese pride themselves on their agility, which they consider gives them an advantage in combat over their taller and heavier neighbours. Of course not all Gehennese are shorter than all Faironese, any more than all Thais are shorter than all Swedes.

The Gehennese have well-marked features, moderately short noses, and thin lips. Their eyelids do not have epicanthic folds. Their skin is a warm reddish brown, tending to darken somewhat on exposure to sunlight, but not quickly. Their hair is raven black, glossy, rather coarse in texture, and ranges from straight to slightly curly, with wavy hair being most common. There is no frizzy or woolly hair among the Gehennese. The Gehennese are smooth-skinned: their bodily hair is sparse and fine, and their facial hair is slow to appear. Very few Gehennese can grow a decent beard before the age of forty. The Gehennese generally have dark eyes, black or brown, although hazel eyes are seen from time to time, and, very rarely, leaf-green, jade, or golden eyes occur. These last three eye colours are considered very attractive.

Gehennese merfolk are of light build compared with the merfolk of colder waters, but they are still somewhat taller and heavier than Gehennese humans. Their skin tends to be of a slightly different colour, a slightly less reddish brown, but the ranges of colour of the two races overlap. Their eyes have vertical-slit pupils, like a cat’s. Otherwise they strongly resemble Gehennese humans.

The flyers of Gehennum, except for their raven-black wings, and except for being a little bit shorter and somewhat more lightly-built, strongly resemble the humans. This is odd, because they aren’t related and can’t interbreed.

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