Gasparion the Magnificent

The most successful artist in Gehennum in the Classical Period, a superbly gifted sculptor and painter. He was patronised by the emperor, and consequently very rich. The fashionable paid vast sums and exercised patronage to get him to paint their portraits, and he was able to get away with nearly anything. He seduced girls of good family, kept his nephew as a catamite, killed citizens dead in tavern brawls, vandalised shrines and icons, and drew and published obscene caricatures of powerful politicians’ wives, boasted of all the above, and suffered nothing for any of it.

Gasparion was born in Samariopolis in 4760 AED, went to Thekla in 4780, and fought for Regikhord in the Civil War. He was a tall, handsome man, with a reputation for great physical prowess and for preferring to fight dirty.

Gasparion’s fame was perpetuated into the Decadent Period by his memoirs, which, though vain, lurid, and libellous, are written in strong, vigorous prose. Many of his artworks also survive, and are considered superb.

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