These are a race of people similar in appearance to humans except for having a large pair of eagle-like wings apiece. Although a fully-grown flyer may be only 160 cm tall, he is likely to have a wing-span of eight metres, his wings extending a metre or so above his head when folded. These wings are inconvenient from many points of view, making flyers almost incapable of swimming, lying on their backs, getting under low ceilings, etc., but they do enable their possessors to soar and (though it is very tiring) to fly.

Flyers are found in small communities, mostly on mountainous islands. They live by hunting (with nets and bows), trade, and hiring their services as messengers and scouts. Most disdain labour, especially agriculture, and in most places they have a reputation for lacking honesty and chastity.

Flyers share the variations of coloration and other racial characteristics of humans. The colour of their feathers is related to the colour of their hair—a blond flyer is likely to have white wings, a brunet flyer, wings of dark brown, perhaps with flecks, paler undersides, or pale-edged feathers. A black-haired flyer will most likely have black wings. Feathers do not go grey with age.

In Gehennum the flyers are numerous, dominating the inaccessible and mountainous interiors of the larger islands. In the Archaic Period most live in rude tribes, except for a few which go among the humans to earn a living as minstrels, couriers, or scouts. By the Classical Period most have adopted much of the culture of the humans of Gehennum, but for the most part they remain fairly poor, even those of citizen and noble status. The flyers are always turbulent, and often troublesome in the Decadent Period. Their largest settlement is Oreopolis, a mountaintop city in a very rugged part of Bethany.

Like the Gehennese humans, Gehennese flyers tend to have skin of a warm reddish brown, brown eyes, and black hair. They usually have glossy black feathers.

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