Eldest of Days

According to a legend well-accepted as history, the first people of the World of Isles simply awoke one morning, naked and without possessions, able to speak a common language, but otherwise without memories. Despite difficulties arising from the fact that it was a long time before anyone was counting years, and (worse) from the fact that no records were made for thousands of years afterwards, it is usual to give dates from this event.

Despite the lapse of time before writing was invented, first-hand accounts of this Eldest of Days are available, because the leshy do not age. Alkinous the Last Unborn is said to be the sole survivor of the Eldest of Days (immunity from age notwithstanding, the leshy eventually have their numbers thinned by accidental death, war, murder, and disaster), but, although he is a familiar figure in the World of Dreams, Alkinous is very difficult to find in real life, and some philosophers doubt that he ever existed, or that the Eldest of Days is anything other than a myth.

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