The custom of duelling is emerging among agema in the Decadent Period, and is spreading to the eupatridai. Some episkopoi forbid it, others encourage formal fights to first blood or incapacity in the hope of encouraging ferocity and courage, or of reducing lethal brawls.

The formalities of duelling are not yet settled, but it is generally accepted that the challenged party gets to choose the terms of the fight. Weapons are the same for both parties unless both agree to some other arrangement. The duel usually takes place some hours or days after the challenge, and a marshal and seconds are usually present, unless the duel is between two groups, such as the officers of two unit, or between two frateries. Challenging one’s direct superiors, a krites, or an episkopos is usually forbidden. Where the code duello is better established, the dynastai may claim immunity from challenge from a person of lower social class.

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