A mystic discipline allowing its practitioners to enter the dreaming state deliberately, and to remain lucid while dreaming. Such a person can roam the World of Dreams at will, reconnoitring the collective unconscious. Skilled dreamers can take others with them, control the dreamlike transformations of the World of Dreams to a lesser or greater extent, and enter the dreams of others to give messages and get answers to questions. Some immensely powerful dreamers may be able to force false and alien dreams on others, thus misrepresenting the messages of their unconscious, plunder the secrets of people whose dreams they enter, enter the World of Dreams from a waking state, and even drag unwilling, waking people into the World of Dreams.

Some, particularly the less powerful, dreamers use bhang or datura ease the way into the World of Dreams for themselves and their patients. To find the way back from the far reaches of the World of Dreams it helps if the dreamer’s body resembles his self-image, so dreamers and their patients sometimes make sure their hair and nails are trimmed, bathe, and fast before a visit to the World of Dreams, and wear favourite clothes.

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