Daramalan of Kos

An anaxos and general of the Archaic Period and famous avatar of Persiflex. Also known as “Daramalan Strongbow” and “the sell-sword prince of Kos”.

When Daramalan was five his father died on a tiger-hunt, and he succeeded to the throne of the anaxos of Kos, an allied state of the Theklan hegemony. Pending Daramalan’s coming-of-age at twenty, his uncle Homē wore the signet as regent.

The earnest but unintelligent Homē took part with his neighbours in a rebellion against Thekla in 4582 AED (when Daramalan was thirteen), and was killed in one of the ensuing battles. A Theklan garrison occupied the citadel of Kos, and Thekla installed a sympathetic oligarchy.

Daramalan was smuggled by faithful retainers to Bleak Hill, an abbey devoted to Persiflex. There he was trained in pankration, gymnastics, and scholastics for five years. In 4587 he went to Periander for a formal ephebehood (Periander was then in a desperate plight, losing its struggle for independence against Samariopolis, and was accepting whatever warriors it could get). Daramalan excelled as a soldier, and won promotion to the fast-thinning officer ranks, but felt forced to flee when Periander joined the Theklan hegemony in 4592.

Forming a mercenary unit of exiles from Kos and professional soldiers from Periander, Daramalan first fought on Sale, and then imported modern military technology to western Thelmond. His original goal may have been to build up a league against Thekla based on his principal employer, Efyra, but in 4596, disgusted by the turbulence of Efyran politics, he settled his differences with Thekla, was recognised as (subject) anaxos of Kos, and received the signet of Kos. He took employment as a mercenary captain in the Theklan hegemonial army.

The next year the citizens of Kos successfully petitioned the anax of Thekla for the removal of their odious puppet government. Thekla sent Daramalan with a Theklan army to effect the change. Daramalan governed for six months, and then returned to his mercenaries, leaving Kos in the hands of capable magistrates. Over the next ten years he rose steadily in the Theklan army, always as a mercenary, and became one of the Theklan hegemon’s most valued generals.

In 4608 AED Kos was restored to ‘allied’ status, and its tribute and soldiers handed over to Daramalan. He married a Theklan princess, and reigned over Kos until 4630, when he abdicated in favour of his son. Daramalan resigned as a general of the Theklan hegemony at this time, and retired to become abbot of Bleak Hill.

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