An oneiros, who achieved apotheosis through compassion.

The original Coppelia was a healer, physician, and surgeon. She was the healer and lover of Persiflex after his defeat by Khlorophane, dragging him from the sea, nursing him back to health, and bearing him a son, Persilian. Coppelia finally surrendered her (potentially infinite) life to Coryon[ to find a cure for grinning fever. Many of Coppelia’s numerous avatars enjoy hero-cults as local gods of healing, but only a few are central characters of legends and songs.

In art and iconography Coppelia appears as a beautiful, willowy leshy woman in a violet khiton, sometimes with surgeon’s instruments in her hands. She is frequently depicted nursing Persiflex. Coppelia’s symbols are a dove, a scalpel, and a violet.

Coppelia is worshipped by most people, but especially healers, physicians, surgeons, and nurses are her most devoted worshippers. Her avatars tend to follow these professions, or at least to exercise these skills.

Coppelia’s major realms are compassion, true love, healing, and medicine. Her minor realms are the Moon, life, and knowledge.

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