On Earth, each culture assigns different meanings to such colours as are given meanings. For instance, black is associated with death in the west, and white with death in the east, white with weddings in the west, red with weddings in the east. In the World of Isles the association of colours with meanings is very strong, and the same meanings are assigned to the same colours by every culture. World of Isles languages are very rich in words for colours, the same colours are distinguished by all, and every colour has its own set of significances. Even so, every shade and tint has several significances, not all of which will be intended in each instance of the colour’s being used.
The significances of colours exert a powerful effect on choice of colour for clothing, artistic composition, and decoration. Unfortunately it is not much of an aid to taste.

Significances of selected colours

Yellow benevolence, sovereignty, impartiality, justice, sovereigns, judges
Saffron power, strength, might, dominion, command, rulers
Orange capriciousness, vigour, energy, ambiguity, danger, anger, artisans
Scarlet gallantry
Red high spirits, merriment, jollity, happiness, good humour, festivals, merry-makers
Murrey passion, ecstasy, dance, dancers, wind musicians, singers, minstrels
Purple affection, love, brides, bridegrooms, lovers, courtesans, wedding-guests
Violet compassion, romantic love, devotion, dedication, medicine, doctors, surgeons, healers
Indigo independence, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, the ocean, freedom, hunters, seamen, anarkhs and heresiarkhs
Sky blue knowledge, curiosity, insatiability, boundlessness, infinity, a search in progress, scholars, clerks, teachers
Dark green defiance, persistence, determination, serious intent, obligations of authority, the military, soldiers
Bright green money, hoarded wealth, greed, avarice, envy
Tan prosperity, generosity, hospitality, comfort, ease, hosts, publicans
Dark brown innocence, inexperience, ignorance, obedience, children, novices, students
Pink safety, the home, parenthood, parental love, placidity, parents
Mauve mourning, regret, widowhood, tradition, widows
Puce self-indulgence, lust, sexual availability, prostitutes
Black dutifulness, duty, implacability, incorruptibility, loyalty, honour, an unfulfilled or binding oath, heralds, ambassadors, executioners
Grey impermanence, neutrality, foreign-ness, regret, exiles, travellers
White skill, professional excellence, asceticism, perfection, wisdom
Gold success, victory, triumph, excellence, winners, victors

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