The leaves of the coca tree smoked or chewed as a drug. They contain cocaine, a stimulant, and are used by porters, rice-planters, tea-pickers, soldiers on long marches, and rowers, to overcome fatigue. Coca is used by athletes to enhance performance, and by soldiers, especially makhetes, to produce courage and deaden pain in battle. This last practice is common in [[[aotos | aotoi]]/ in all periods, but is not used by the Melankreuthes or other units stressing rigid drill and discipline. Coked-up makhetes are ferocious, and individually dangerous, but rash, impetuous, and heedless of command.

Coca is also used recreationally and in medicine. Addiction is not a serious social problem because the drug is legal and therefore cheap, but addicts are prone to lose their judgement and mess up their lives. Coca is produced commercially in mountain plantations, especially in the Classical Period and later, and is [[[trade | exported]. The pure alkaloid cocaine is not available in the World of Isles.

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