An oneiros, who achieved apotheosis through curiosity.

The original Chansith was an explorer, researcher, and news-bearer, who undertook quests for knowledge, and who overcame dangers by sagacity. He was also a mage of moderate power. Chansith eventually disappeared over the terminator in the Sidhe, and never returned. He has had many avatars, most of them scholars, philosophers, and scientists, but their adventures have not tended to make good stories, and are largely ignored by poets and dramatists.

In art and iconography Chansith is depicted as a slender, bronze-skinned flyer, with pale blue eyes, sun-bleached hair with a white streak, and white wings. He is usually shown as dressed in a sky-blue zoma, and often as armed with a sapphire-pommelled bronze knife.

Chansith is worshipped by scholars, philosophers, scientists, explorers, and some mages. His avatars tend to be wanderers, experimentalists, inventors, or students of deep mysteries.

Chansith’s major realms are curiosity, knowledge, and travel. His minor realms are science, life, the sky, and magery.

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