The bow is a native weapon to the Gehennese, who have many excellent bowmen therefore. The ancient bow was quite small, and is still used on boats and ships, and to carry “just in case”, in all periods. The long bow, about six feet long, is the usual weapon of specialist archers in hunting and on the battlefield, and in archery contests at games. The crossbow, introduced during the Archaic Period and flourishing thereafter, is favoured by urban militias. The long and short bows require more skill to use, but the upper classes value bowmanship and have time to practise, professional soldiers find bows more effective and have time to practise, and peasants learn to shoot in childhood, for hunting.

The invention of laminate armour made it financially possible to field large forces of infantry capable of facing bowmen, and led to the development of the hoplite.

Bows are simple self bows, and shoot arrows with feather fletchings, tipped with flint or obsidian.

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