Archaic Period

The boulē of any state is a meeting of its chief officers to co-ordinate policy and exercise joint powers in council. In a monarchy it is essentially a meeting of the monarch's chief advisors in formal conference, but in an oligarchy or democracy it often amounts to the executive committee of the state.

The usual make-up of a boulē is:

Classical Period

In the Classical Period, the Boulē is the supreme executive committee of the empire, which formulates and initiates government policy throughout the archipelago. The assent of the Boulē It consists of the emperor, the khrysofylax, the anakrites, the polemarkh, the hierarkh, the arkhimage, and the angelos. All the other members are appointed by the emperor, and although the assent of the Boule is required to make a bill law, the emperor can replace members who don’t vote as he wishes.

Decadent Period

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