In the Archaic Period, a non-dynastic monarch, not recognised as possessing royal charisma.

Elective basileoi share power with other eupatridai, and are more firsts among equals than rulers. When such a king dies or abdicates, his successor is elected from among themselves by the eupatridai of the state.

Otherwise, ‘lord’ is the title appropriated by boss-men and jumped-up bandits, and inherited by their descendants. The death or incapacity of such a monarch is attended by political machinations and armed struggle as often as by an orderly succession.

In the Classical and Decadent Periods, the heirs of such basileoi as were reigning when their kingdoms were absorbed by the Theklan hegemony are mostly kyrions. The exceptions are the heirs of such few lords as were hegemons, who are kreions.

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