People who are dominated by a particular emotion or attitude, whose character corresponds with an archetype of thought or force of nature, can concentrate their inner power to work miraculous changes in the physical world and susceptible minds. If they are completely dominated by a single pure emotion they can become (or form) oneiroi. Now, as a person becomes dominated by an emotion corresponding to an oneiros, that oneiros will enter into his dreams, providing a template for the concentration and focus of inner power. If the person conforms to the template he or she becomes an avatar of the oneiros, and the more closely he or she comes to resemble the template, especially psychologically, the easier it is for him or her to perform the feats characteristic of that exemplar, because, in resembling an exemplar, one resembles a being whose passions correspond with the forces of nature, and therefore one’s own passions correspond to those powers. By the time the avatar is powerful enough to have a permanent effect on the World of Dreams he or she is likely to resemble the original oneiros very closely, and to reinforce it, reaffirming the arbitrary standard which it sets.

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