The people of Gehennum are very keen on athletics. Athletic exercise is as important as the liberal arts in a Gehennese education (see gymnastics). Athletic games are part of Gehennese religion and politics. Athletics are a major recreation of the leisured wealthy, and of the working classes in their free time.

Gehennese athletics include foot races, archery contests, swimming races, wrestling, kick-boxing, kukrim, javelin throwing, fencing with swords and spears, canoe races, weight-lifting, long jump, and high jump.

Athletic contests are segregated by sex, except for the play-games of small children. Women do not race canoes, wrestle, kick-box, or lift weights, and few fence or shoot. On the other hand, they do have competitions in war-dance and what we would call gymnastics.

Except in the kick-boxing, fencing, and canoe-race, contestants compete nude.

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