In the Archaic Period, a powerful official of certain large city-states, or in the courts of the monarchs of wide dominions, where a chief krites is required. The anakrites is usually a member of the boule, which may act as the cabinet of a monarch, or as an executive committee.

In the Classical Period, an imperial minister, member of the Boule, in charge of the judiciary, and also having executive functions. The anakrites appoints episkopoi, and with their advice, appoints krites, assigns judges to cases, presides over the appeal cases, and prepares bills to be made law. Positions as krites are very prestigious and much sought-after, as a result of which the anakrites dispenses a great deal of patronage.

In the Decadent Period, a court position of great dignity but little power, given by the polemarkh as a sinecure to secure favour.

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