Allied king

In the Theklan hegemony (e.g. during the Archaic Period), the monarch of an allied state. Allied kings are recognised as outranking everyone except the anaxos of Thekla himself, most particularly as outranking his polemarkh. Allied kings have the right to take part in the councils of war of the prince of Thekla and be heard.

Allied kings who default on their treaty obligations, or who give comfort to the enemies of Thekla, or who repudiate their treaties, are liable to conquest and execution, and their successors to being reduced to the status of subject king.

When the empire of Gehennum was constituted, the allied kings had the same status in the Gerusia as their subject and recently-conquered fellows, but they were not forced to cede their lands to the Emperor, and were allowed to keep their castles. This left them and their descendants, regardless of formal rank, among the wealthiest, most powerful, and most independent of the dynastai.

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