With the assistance of a dreamer, or in dreams, it is possible to visit the afterlife of your choice and talk with the dead people there. But these possibilities are connected with the World of Dreams, that is: they are figments of popular belief and are not held by well-informed people to establish the truth of any form of existence after death. The oneiroi will not speak about the afterlife, and the majority of daimons state that their kind know nothing about the subject. The others are widely considered to be liars and frauds. Tradition asserts the reality of the afterlives in the World of Dreams, and each religion has its own theory to put forth.

The Gehennese believe in an afterlife in which the dead wander aimlessly and sullenly through a gloomy primal forest, occasionally startled by terrifying sounds, or fleeing horrible monsters. They retain somewhat of the status they won in life, especially through courage and virtue, but consider it “better to be the slave of a landless man than the king of the dead”. When one visits this afterlife in the World of Dreams one can speak with the shades even of people who did not believe in it in life—just so long as people believe them to be there.

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